Durst Label Single Pass UV Printer Tau 330

TAU RSCI The newest member of the Tau RSC platform is the Tau RSCi. Available in printing widths of 330, 420 or 510 mm the printer is using the Tau RSC UV inks. The press is designed to take over mid-to longrun jobs but is also able to produce short-run jobs in the most economic way.

The user-friendly design including jumbo winders and roll lifts allows fast roll changes and good accessibility to print heads, UV-lamps and transport rollers. The integrated large inspection table provides space for visual inspection. The Tau RSCi is equipped by default with a chill roller to guarantee maximum material and application flexibility.


RSC PRINT QUALITY Best in class printhead: Dimatix Samba G3L Durable design based on MEMS print head technology Full 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution @ 80 m/min with CMYK OVG; upgradeable to 100 m/min 2 pl minimum drop size for smooth gradients and absolute sharpness Automated nozzle compensation for increased press uptime and reduced service costs

INNOVATIVE APPROACH Front side operation and ink refill Proprietary electronic ensures highest productivity and allows to print variable data at 80 m/min with all colors Additional: High-speed color print mode: 100 m/min

INDUSTRIAL SCALABILITY Print width of 330/420/510 mm External jumbo winder with a loading capacity of: Roll diameter max. 1,016 mm (40 in), max. 450 kg(992 lbs) TAU RSC UV INKS BS5609 and UL compliance achieved, excellent light fastness" and heat resistance for outdoor applications AUTOMATIC PRINT HEAD CLEANING Reduces time for daily maintenance Ensures high up time

PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL Closed and protected print engine for maximum printing stability Heating and cooling of Tau RSC inks to maintain color consistency SOLID MACHINE CONSTRUCTION In-house manufacturing of key components Designed for 24/7 operation For more information and technical specs download the Tau RSC Platform Brochure

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Technical Specifications

Native resolution 1.200x1.200 dpi @ 2pl
Productivity 1.584 qm/h / 2.016 qm/h / 3.060 qm/h
Print width 330 mm / 420 mm / 510 mm
Max. pantone coverage 95 %


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