P5 350

P5 350

Durst Label Single Pass UV Printer Tau 330


With the introduction of the expanded P5 platform, a new standard in flexibility and versatility was defined in the class of hybrid printing. The new printers P5 350 and P5 210 are equipped with the Durst software and offer special new features.

The P5 350 and P5 210 are the all-in-one hybrid solution for flexible roll and board printing up to 3.5 m for the P5 350 and 2.1 m for the P5 210 respectively. The printers are both equipped with the Durst Print Workflow software and the monitoring tool Durst Analytics.

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Technical Specifications

Drop size 7 pl
Color channels CMYK
Roll printing width 347 cm
Board printing width 350 cm
Single roll Included
Smart multitrack boards printing mode (2 boards) Included
Double side board printing option Included
Double side roll printing option (for single roll) Included
Roll tables Foldable up to 140 cm
Software: Durst Workflow Print and Durst Analytics Included
UV curing technology LED


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