Delta 2500 Plus/ Delta 2500 HS

Delta 2500 Plus/ Delta 2500 HS

Durst Label Single Pass UV Printer Tau 330

The Delta 2500 and the Delta 2500 HS are the flagships of the Delta UV flatbed printer portfolio with Multi-Pass technology. They combine high print quality and printing speed with unrivaled versatility. The Delta 2500 and Delta 2500 HS can be also equipped with „White Option“.

The printing systems feature a maximum print width of 2500 mm, which also makes it highly suitable for dual track printing.

The productivity of the Delta 2500 HS is 190 boards/h in high quality 2 pass mode and can be raised up to 370 boards/h in Draft mode. The Delta 2500 Plus offers a productivity of 111 boards/h in high quality 2 pass mode and can be raised to 330 boards/h for volume jobs

Technical Specifications

Description:Industrial Multi-Pass printer
Material:Variety of uncoated and coated material, also structured surfaces
Board size:min. 600 x 800 mm and max. 2500 x 3200 mm
Printing format:max. 2500 x 3200 mm
Resolution:Delta 2500: 1000 dpi Delta 2500 HS: 600 dpi
Productivity:measured with Dual-Track printing and board size 1220 x 2440 mm
Delta 2500 Plus:high quality 2 pass mode 111 boards/h (for volume printing up to 330 boards/hour)
Delta 2500 HS:high quality 2 pass mode 190 boards/h (for volume printing up to 370 boards/hour)
Print heads:Durst Quadro Array 12/30 M
Colors:4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Board line:1044 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H):min. 6,3 x 7,2 x 2,6 m


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