Application Center

Application Center

Durst Label Single Pass UV Printer Tau 330

Individual material tests
> 1.500 tested media settings
Web-based support

Worldwide Rho printing systems have long been setting the standard in terms of print quality, productivity, and reliability. However, since it is not only the choice of hardware that is crucial for optimum results, Durst offers you a broad-based service portfolio by way of assistance. In addition to a web-based database containing innumerable tested roll media that can be accessed free of charge from anywhere in the world, it is also possible to have proprietary printing materials and print designs tested at Durst’s Demo and Application Centers. Using the parameters determined here, your own printing system can be adjusted perfectly to the desired application and material type. Newly determined information is constantly being fed into the database, ensuring it is kept permanently up to date. Our database is built on the many years of data gathered and digitized from our product tests. Rho customers are able to access the data easily via a web browser, search by material manufacturer, media type, and area of application, and download the data you need as a PDF file. You are able to start production straight away, even with new applications, without tedious tests and sampling processes.

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