Alpha 190 Multi Pass Textile

Alpha 190 Multi Pass Textile

Durst Label Single Pass UV Printer Tau 330

620 lm/h
10.2 lm/min

620 lm/h 10.2 lm/min 24/7 With the new Alpha 190, Durst offers, especially for the fashion sector, various configurations in the entry and exit units to print on super-elastic knit fabrics. The fabric management allows very fast changes of the feeding roll.

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Technical Specifications

Print speed: 1-Pass 300 x 600 dpi, 620 lm/h 1 Pass, 990 m2/h 2-Pass 300 x 600 dpi, 310 lm/h 2 Pass, 490 m2/h
Printing width and material thickness: Max. printing width: 1,900 mm, max. material thickness: 8 mm
Material feed options: Integrated material entry for roll diameters up to 500 mm Axis unwinder for large rolls and material feed system for optimum advancement and tension monitoring Feed unit for folded textiles
Printing blanket: With permanent adhesive and integrated washing system Heated pressing roller Airblade for automatic belt drying
Dryer: Horizontal dryer with 3 passages: Thermal air dryer of up to 150 °C; with either gas, steam or electricity
Material discharge options: Uproller for roll diameters up to 500 mm Discharge unit for folded textiles Axial unwinder for big rolls up to 2000 mm
Print heads: 32/64 Durst Alpha Slots, 8 colors arranged symmetrically (mirrored) print heads featuring 40,960/81,920 nozzles
Printing mode: variable droplet size with 7/14/21 pictoliters
Resolution: Standard 300 x 600 dpi and 500 x 600 dpi


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