Alpha 180 TR Industrial Dye Sublimation

Alpha 180 TR Industrial Dye Sublimation

Durst Label Single Pass UV Printer Tau 330

This system is designed for non-stop production and easily produces 200 m2/h. The Alpha 180 TR features a maximum print width of 185 cm and is equipped with the latest Quadro S print heads for sublimation disperse inks.

Durst offers a specially formulated Dye Sublimation Ink System: water-based, odor-free, skin-friendly and free of any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This printing system is classified for all current transfer papers at maximum quality. It creates brilliant colors, sharp images and produces an impressive abrasion-resistant and water-proof result. Durst also offers an optional “Direct Printing Kit” for the Alpha 180 TR, for fabrics needing deep color penetration like flags and banners.

The changeover between transfer paper and direct fabric printing takes only a few minutes, and can be easily performed by a single operator.

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Technical Specifications

Print Speed: 1-Pass 800 x 600 dpi, 112 lm/h, 200 m2/h 2-Pass 800 x 600 dpi, 56 lm/h, 100 m2/h
Print Width: Max. Print Width 1850 mm (72.8 in.)
Material transport: Integrated Feed-In System and Unwinder for rolls with a diameter of up to 400 mm (15.7 in.)
Dryer: Heated Printing Table and Hot Air Dryer for rapid drying
Print heads: Durst QuadroS Print heads
Print Mode: Binary (7 pl) and variable droplet size with 7/14/21 Picoliters
Resolution: Standard 800 x 600 dpi
Sublimation Paper Optional: “Direct Print Kit“ for printing on coated and uncoated polyester fabric with a polyester percentage of more than 50%. Other fiber mixtures can be printed, with some restrictions.
Inks: Durst Dye Sublimation-Ink set, CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black or special colors


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